What is it?

A manuscript critique is an assessment of the readability of your story. It considers aspects such as whether it has:

  • A coherent and satisfying plot
  • Balanced pacing
  • Three-dimensional characters with a compelling arc
  • Effective structure
  • The required genre conventions to meet reader expectations

Who is it for?

Reasons to have a manuscript critiqued include:

  • When you aren’t sure if your book is pitched at its target market
  • When you are a first time writer wanting to know if your story works.
  • When you aren’t ready/able to commit to a full developmental edit

What feedback will I get?

A comprehensive report of between 3 and 5 pages is provided. This will give details of your manuscript’s strengths, and areas where improvements can be made along with helpful suggestions as to how these can be addressed.

NB No comments are made directly on the manuscript.

What happens after the feedback?

If you would like some additional guidance on receipt of your critique, I offer a coaching service where I would be happy to offer further advice.

Alternatively, if you would like to have your manuscript edited at sentence level, then you could try my line and copyediting service.

My manuscript critiquing service costs are as follows:

Up to 3,000 words £60.00

3,001-10,000 words £125.00

10,001-50,000 words £150-300

50,001-90,000 words £300-500

For manuscripts over 90,000 words, please ask for a quote.

Full payment is required in advance to secure the booking.