Why editing?

Growing up an avid reader, the move into becoming a writer and editor seemed a natural progression for me. In fact, it’s in my blood; my late father was an editor for many years.

My experiences as a writer have taught me how vital it is to have an editor who understands their client. Great editing should be invisible. It should polish a piece and above all, it should retain the authenticity and originality of the author’s voice.

My editing experience is varied and ranges from fiction to community magazines to charity content. I learned a great deal about the importance of the editing process whilst completing my master’s degree and this experience has been invaluable to me both as a writer and an editor. I have built on this with comprehensive training through the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

Editing is a privilege. It gives me the opportunity to help a writer show their work at its very best and I take pride in what I do.

Why coaching?

Being a writer too, I know how challenging a process it can be. Certainly this is true for those just starting out on their writing journey. But it can also be the case for more experienced writers. They may suffer from a lack of motivation or get stuck on a plot point.

Also, writing is primarily a solitary occupation and this presents its own challenges. Understanding these difficulties is what spurred me on to become a book coach.

In my spare time, I run a writing critiquing group and am on the committee of my local literary festival where I organise (and occasionally teach) writing workshops.

I’m also beavering away on my first novel.

Away from books (and to get me away from books, it has to be good) I’m a keen birdwatcher and nature lover and really love going to the theatre and live music gigs.

Professional Training

Copyediting Core Skills (Chartered Institute Editing and Proofreading)

Introduction to Fiction Editing (Chartered Institute Editing and Proofreading)

Proofread like a Pro (Doris and Bertie)

Introduction to Proofreading (Chartered Institute Editing and Proofreading)

Foundations of Storytelling – Club Ed

Principles of Developmental Editing – Club Ed

Writing Effective Editorial Queries – Club Ed


Exploring Craft: A master class in copyediting from the author of Dreyer’s English (Benjamin Dreyer and National Press Club Journalism Institute)

Artificial Intelligence in Publishing (Reedsy)

Writing the Gothic (Alex Davis Events)

Writing the Occult (Alex Davis Events)

Nevermore Gothic Conference (The Folklore Podcast)

Winter Haunts 2023: Ghost Story, Gothic and Supernatural Fiction Day (Alex Davis Events)


MA in Creative Non Fiction (The Open University)

BA in Humanities with Literature (The Open University)

“To write is human, to edit is divine”.

Stephen King